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Making a Stuffed Animal

After the my success with the renaissance costume, I decided to try to make a couple of stuffed animals for the kids. Remember, what matters is whether or not the customer is happy. It doesn't matter if the animal is terrifying, has loose threads, parts that are supposed to be hidden, etc.

I used the McCall's Crafts pattern M6485. McCall pattern M6485

The first one I did not document any of the process, and it looks somewhat... well see for yourself.

A poorly done stuffed cat

On the second attempt I laid out my materials and followed the instructions as best as I could. The fleece was quite bulky to work with, but I managed.

Fleece laid out ready to be used

The head portion of the cat

The tail looked pretty good (inside out) and I decided to put the legs on the same way. The instructions had the legs attached separately, and they would've been really wobbly.

Close up of the tail inside out

The torso, head, and tail together inside out

The cat came together, but the mouth got really messed up. There was so much bulk it was hard to stitch it together properly. Also I have no idea what I'm doing so that doesn't help.

Completed cat facing forward

Completed cat facing left

And my customer was quite happy regardless.

Daughter holding stuffed cat

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