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Making a Renaissance Costume - A Sewing Adventure

My wife has a nice fancy sewing machine that sits mostly unused just like most of my power tools. I wanted to wear a decent costume to the renaissance fair this year, and even found a pattern (Simplicity 4059). My wife reluctantly agreed to make it, but backed out. I couldn't find a pre-made costume with a comparable look, and one thing led to another. So I started the costume project myself.


Prior to this project, I'd never used a sewing machine before. However, I am on some occasions capable of following instructions very precisely. This doesn't happen often, but when it does... well you'll see.

I did not plan to write about this, and I didn't take very many progress pictures. I laid out all of my materials with the pattern.

Then I read the pattern instructions, asked the internet to define words like "selvege" or "gather", and watched a bit of youtube.

I eventually ended up with this. My first ever sewing project. I didnt' make the hat or the shirt from the pattern. I bought the hat and adjusted the collar of a dress shirt.


Justin Overton

Justin was born a tinker and has been improvising solutions to nonexistent problems for decades. Tinkering is about projects that result in a hideous prototype that Mary Shelly would find horrifying!

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