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DIY Dojo Weapon Rack

I have a small handful of aikido weapons, and no proper place to keep them. A quick search of the internet reveals mounted sword racks for $19.99. But why spend $19.99 for something I could build myself for at least twice that? I could save some money, but who wants to hear a story about how I spent 5 minutes ordering a sword rack?

The Benbrook Public Library has a makerspace with a laser cutter. It's free to use if you bring your own material. The 50 Watt laser has a 24"x12" bed, and was more than enough to get this project underway.

Before designing my own contraption I poked around to see if there were any freely available plans. I settled on this model on 3d warehouse.

I sliced it up, flattened it, and cut the panels to fit within 24"x12" sheets. I used 1/4" birch plywood and it took several quick passes on the laser to cut all the way through. Slower passes are a fire hazard.

One of the issues in the current design is the jo and bokken hit eachother when placed properly. I'll fix this in my current build, but I'm probably not going to gather more wood to recut the entire thing. Therefore I'm probably not going to update the design to accomodate the change. You can see in the following picture how the bokken overlaps the area the jo needs.


The following are the SVG files are what I used to cut the parts. Paths are cut lines and fills are engrave areas. Each SVG canvas is 24"x12". SVG doesn't store units very well so you may need to scale if you want to replicate this project. Your milage may vary. Measure four or five times before cutting. Follow saftey instructions.


Justin Overton

Justin was born a tinker and has been improvising solutions to nonexistent problems for decades. Tinkering is about projects that result in a hideous prototype that Mary Shelly would find horrifying!

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