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Once upon a time in 1928 Mr. William Wallace Cook wrote a book called Plotto: A New Method of Plot Suggestion for Writers of Creative Fiction. This book is basically a flowchart for building plots, and there are thousands of plots.

I started working on Plottoriffic as an idea generator to quickly build a plot using rules outlined in Plotto. These plots aren't stories, and aren't even very readable on their own. They are a great way to beat writer's block.

Plottoriffic's source code can be found on GitHub. For those of you that are merely curious about what sort of output Plottoriffic gives, try it out:

Justin Overton

Justin was born a tinker and has been improvising solutions to nonexistent problems for decades. Tinkering is about projects that result in a hideous prototype that Mary Shelly would find horrifying!

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