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The Protagonist's Lament

My life matters, but not the way you think.
I exist to entertain with laughter or tears.
People will talk about me long after I'm gone
     Long after my creator has passed on
Yes, my life matters because it has meaning
But I'd rather not exist at all.

Why should my meaning be solely to entertain?
Life is misery when I'm cast in a tragedy,
What's worse is a comedy, which is still a tragedy for me.
When you laugh at a character, is it not for his own misfortune?
Why can't I exist simply because an author loves me?

Even were I written into paradise with everything I desire,
Am I not still written to entertain a reader?
Why not write me as a supporting character?
Why not just write me as a stand-in?
At least my misfortune is diminished
At least then the reader remains unaware of my most precious thoughts.

Why a protagonist? Even the villain has it better than I!
The villain deserves his fate.
The villain gets attention.
His thoughts often remain secret throughout a tale.
The best part is the villain rarely suffers in the end.
He usually gets a quick death after a life of luxury.
     ---Even if the luxury is just to torture me

Better yet. Do not write me at all.
Yes, my life has meaning to the reader.
But for me, it is torture.

Justin Overton

Justin was born a tinker and has been improvising solutions to nonexistent problems for decades. Tinkering is about projects that result in a hideous prototype that Mary Shelly would find horrifying!

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