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Lucky Cricket

My only cricket is for sale
Ten generations bred for luck
She's certified, a strong female
Was raised free ranged in old Lubbock

You ask about the method now
For sure a lottery is best
So listen up I'll tell you how
This lowly cricket passed the test

A hundred crickets for each trial
A thousand lots are cast each time
The winners mingle for a while
Repeat when children reach their prime

The luckiest pedigree around
When seven times her sire's won
A better father can't be found
The mother lived to twenty one!

What’s that I hear you ask the price?
Five hundred dollars. What a steal!
Take her now and don't think twice
You'll win it in the river's deal

My only cricket is for sale.
Ten generations bred for luck.
She's certified, a strong female.
Was raised free ranged in old Lubbock

Justin Overton

Justin was born a tinker and has been improvising solutions to nonexistent problems for decades. Tinkering is about projects that result in a hideous prototype that Mary Shelly would find horrifying!

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